m.c. pressure screen

Application&Features of M.C. Pressure Screen

Screen Drum

Screen drum is made of stainless steel. It consists three types: hole, slot and bar type. Screen drum adopts electrochemical polishing and hard chromium plating, which make it smooth and abrasive resistant. There is reinforcing ring outside screen drum. The whole drum is fixed on barrel with bolt. Its bottom is connected with barrel by flange. Its top part has round shape weir plate, which forms precipitum pick pan along with cylinder wall.

Technological Advantage
  1. Multi-wing design, no winding, wild pulse, clean screened slurry, high pulse frequency and productivity.
  2. Medium concentration screening reduces water consumption in the production process, which has obvious energy-saving effect. Under the same capacity, the screen and drum area is small and the cost of investment and maintenance is low.
  3. Less densification in screening area, high screening efficiency and long screen drum service life.
  4. Mechanical seal of double coupling design, Modular design transmission structure.
  5. Equipped with automatic oil injection device and mechanical seal water flow monitoring device, DCS interface is reserved, high degree of automation.

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