Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, supplied by zhenzhou leizhan, bears many advantages, such as advanced features, nice look, cheap price, etc. Mid Consistency Pressure Screen is composed of cylinder body, upper cover of cylinder body, screen drum, rotary drum, base, transmission and other parts.I would like to introduce its advantages as follows:

Advantages Of Mid consistency Pressure Screen

304 stainless steel for both slurry-contacted area.Automatic Oil Injection Device imported from Korea.Sealed water alarm device imported from Finland. NSK Bearings Imported from Japan.Sealed water alarm sensor manufactured in Germany.
Double-end mechanical seals are supplied by Sino-US joint venture manufacturers. The sieve drum is the best quality in China.
The base is formed by bending once, and the work is relatively stable.Continuous work has fewer failures and lower maintenance costs. Mid consistency Pressure Screen is suitable for high concentration, 3% – 4% concentration, with higher efficiency, smaller drum area and less energy consumption.

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