low density cleaner

Low density cleaner developed by our Leizhan company adopt new structure, stainless steel tube, ceramic lower cone and deslagging nozzle. The impurity separation effect is good, the deslagging efficiency is high.

Low Density Cleaner can be used to purify the raw fiber pulp and waste paper pulp. Heavy impurities with a relative density greater than that of the fiber in the slurry can be removed. It can effectively remove metal impurities, sand, stone, mud, glass fragments in the pulp; exfoliation of equipment, pipes and tanks; unvaporized wood chips, grass joints, fiber bundles in the slurry; undissolved pulp, block and other impurities.

Equipment Benefits:

● Divided into 3-4 parts, easy to assembly and disassembly;

● Low density cleaner can be supplied in a combined unit or in a single unit;

● Different deslagging ways include open and closed type impurity discharge.

Low Density Cleaner can be supplied in a combined unit or in a single unit. The assembly material includes stainless steel and carbon steel. The complete supply scope includes: low density cleaner, frame, inlet main pipe and branch pipe, accepts main pipe and branch pipe, connecting pipe fittings, valves, pressure gauges, etc. Our company is dedicated to customer service, free technical consultation, process design reference scheme, equipment selection, installation guidance and debugging and other technical services.

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