Vibrating Screen, as an important screen equipment, plays a great role in paper pulping process. The factors affecting the screening process can be grouped into three categories:

Screen Surface Properties and Structural Parameters

Vibrating screen makes particles and screen surface move vertically, so screening efficiency is high and production capacity is large. The relative movement between particles and screen surface is mainly parallel movement of bar screen, plane vibration screen, cylinder screen, and so on. Its screening efficiency and productivity are low.

Physical properties of screened materials

It includes the particle size composition, humidity, mud content and particle shape of the material itself.

Effect of Production Conditions

When the sieve load is large, the screening efficiency is low. To a large extent, the sieving efficiency depends on the sizes of the sieving holes and the total sieving efficiency. The larger the sieving holes, the lower the sieving efficiency is required, the higher the productivity is.

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