Leizhan is a professional impurity cleaner machine manufacture for pulping and paper making with more than 30 years production experience. Leizhan can provide you heavy impurity cleaner with competitive price and good quality.

Impurity cleaner machine is suitable for various materials, such as: wood pulp, chemi-mechanical pulp, chemical pulp and waste paper pulp. The production capacity of impurity cleaner machine is adaptable, and a single desander can be replaced and maintained without stopping the machine. It is very easy to separate a single sand cleaner from the system using the upper isolation valve. Therefore, the impurity cleaner machine has a high separation efficiency.

Features of Impurity Cleaner Machine:

● Closed deslagging system, clean working environment;

● High reliability of operation; it would not be blocked;

● High cleaning efficiency, which avoids the accumulation of ash content in the latter sections;

● The highest running consistency can reach 2%, which reduce the fiber loss, improve the production capacity, decrease the needed segments and numbers of cleaner.

Leizhan can also provide a set of equipment for the pulping and screening process. If you have any interest on our product, welcome to contact us by e-mail:

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