Chain Conveyor is mainly used for conveying waste paper or pulp board. During the intermittent shutdown period of feeding for Hydraulic Pulper in production and use, Chain Conveyor reversal often occurs due to design reasons or improper operation. When the main motor is restarted, a period of reactive power is needed to feed the Pulper, which affects the production efficiency of the conveyor. We can deal with such condition as follows.

Use even paper rolls

Generally, even paper roll is installed in the transition position of horizontal and inclined section of chain conveyor. The height space position between chain conveyor and pallet can be adjusted. The output of Hydraulic Pulper can be adjusted by adjusting the feeding area.

Use  Pinwheel Reducer in Power Driving System

Usually, Chain Conveyor adopts the transmission form of motor plus cylindrical gear reducer and Chain conveyor. The transmission form has high transmission efficiency and large load-bearing capacity, but without anti-reversal function, it needs to be equipped with additional braking system.

Use Brakes In Chain Conveyor

The working principle of the brake is to realize the braking function by using the friction moment produced by the friction pairs. In order to reduce the braking moment and brake specifications, it is generally used in high-speed end coupling of chain conveyor transmission system.

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