Conical Refiner, primarily apply for continuous pulping wood pulp, mechinical pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp etc,improving beating degree.Here is the means to maintain Conical Refiner.

Daily maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning of equipment should be carried out regularly to keep the equipment clean and running normally. Especially in the sliding bare area, no water should enter, and grease should be applied. Maintenance work should be done only when all circuits and pipes of the pulp mill are in close condition.

Runtime maintenance

During operation, lubricating points should be regularly carried out. The sliding surface between sliding sleeve and cover should be injected with grease once a week. The trapezoidal screw should be coated with grease once a month. The rolling bearings should be added with grease once every three months to ensure that the oil pipes are smooth and non-blocking.

Maintenance cycle

Clean, inspect and change oil at each rolling bearing every six months. The trapezoidal screw is cleaned, inspected and replaced every six months.

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