For a paper making machine with high design speed, the equipments of each part of will not have much problem, and it can run at high speed without paper. But when it runs at high speed under paper condition, there will be many problems, such as paper disease, equipment failure and paper breakage. Although there are many factors restricting the high-speed operation of paper machine, they are all the technical and management details and the lack of understanding and use of equipment. We can summarize the “constraints” from the following aspects.
Keep clean, not only the workshop environment, but also the equipment and pipeline inner wall, wet end rack, roll, mesh blanket and other parts of the slurry system and auxiliary material system. The proportion of slurry, beating quality and slurry concentration should be stable. The pulp flowing from Headbox to net must be uniform in the transverse direction of paper machine, which includes consistency of pulp thickness, consistency of turbulence of pulp from nozzle, consistency of concentration and consistency of speed. The dehydration rate of the wire determines the length of the wire and the speed of the paper machine. The higher the dehydration rate of the wire, the better. For single-length wire, the dehydration rate is too high, and the problems of flying slurry and jumping slurry will occur.

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