Pressure sieve drum is composed of sieve orifice plate, overflow bucket and non-orifice plate. There are many small holes on the sieve tray. The steam passes through the holes from bottom to top. The liquid flows through the tray along a certain route, which is supported by vapor with a steady flow rate and flows through the overflow bucket to the non-perforated tray of the next tray, namely receiving tray

1. Before the installation of the sieve drum, it is necessary to confirm that the corrugation of the sieve drum of the inner rotor outflow and the outer rotor inflow should be in the same direction as that of the rotor rotation, as well as whether the sizes conform to the drawing dimension and tolerance marking.
2. When installing, it should be handled lightly to avoid damage of screen drum caused by external force.
3. After the drum is installed in the pressure screen, the clearance between the drum and the rotor should be adjusted appropriately and fixed with fixed bolts after adjusting to the technological requirement.
4. Pressure of 0.15-0.30 MPa is appropriate when pressure screen is used, too small will affect the output of pulp, too large will cause damage to screen drum. In general, the pressure difference between 0.03 MPa and 0.05 MPa is suitable.

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