Hydrupulper, an equipment used in stock preparation line, is used in many paper mill. Therefor, how to install it matters. leizhan can share you the installation methods.

1. According to the requirements of the basic drawing, correctly determine the center line, correct the corresponding position and size, and coagulate with steel concrete.
2. Open the box for acceptance and check whether all parts are complete, and clean the rust-proof grease coated on the parts.
3. After a certain maintenance period (usually 15 days) and corrections, the equipment can be installed. pre-hanging the anchor bolts on the equipment, lifting the equipment to the base, and correcting the reserved holes of the horizontal backward anchor bolts
4. Cast concrete, and pay attention that the asbestos gasket or sealing ring must be added between the rotor device and the groove steel flange, and coated.
Full sealant to prevent leakage.

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