Reject Separator, an important equipment in waste paper pulping line, removing impurities from good slurry. When it get something wrong ,we can deal with it as follows.

Excessive Load Of Reject Separator

Reasons: 1. There are too many plastic impurities in the entrance. 2. Turn too fast. 3. Bearing wear. 4. Excessive flow or concentration.
Removal methods: Reduce the amount of slag discharged and use waste paper with less impurities in plastic glue, reduce the speed, replacement of bearings and reduce flow or concentration.

Abnormal Sound In The Operation Of Reject Separator

Reasons: 1. Too much pulp feeding. 2. There are hard impurities adhering to the blade or debris such as stone and iron. 3. The triangle belt is not tightened properly. 4. The blade is loose.
Removal methods: Reduce the amount of slag discharged, stop check, check the belt and adjust it and stop check and lock the screw.

Heating of Bearing Base of Reject Separator

Reasons: 1. Butter depletion. 2. The triangle belt is too tight. 3. Bearing wear. 4. Uneven installation of bearing seat.
Exclusion methods: Check and inject vector butter, adjust the triangle belt, check and replace and adjust installation.

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