Though with highest quality, Machine may get wrong sometimes. Encountering such breakdown, we need know how to fix it quickly to save our time and money. Vibrating Screen Machine, used for removing large impurities from slurry, mainly consists of screen box, screen wire, vibrator, shock absorber spring device, chassis and so on. We can deal with Vibrating Screen malfunction from the follow steps:

The Vibration Screen should be repaired for the problems found during regular inspection. Vibration Screen repair contents include timely adjustment of tension triangle belt, replacement of new belt, worn screen, longitudinal pad strip, vibration damping spring, rolling bearing, transmission gear, damaged bolts, and so on. Stress concentration should be avoided on the side plates and beams of the screen frame. For the crack of the lower beam, the vibrating screen should be replaced in time. When the side plate is found to be cracked, 5mm holes should be drilled at the end of the crack in time, and then reinforcing plates should be added at the crack site. The repair and assembly of the machine shall be carried out by full-time personnel in a clean place. After the vibration screen is removed, check the wear of rolling bearing, the gear tooth surface, the connection of each component, cleans the lubrication circuit in the box to make it unblocked, clears the attachment on each joint surface, and replaces all seals and other damaged parts.

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