Rewinder is mainly used for reeling raw paper roll. When it occurs some problems, such as produce Trumped and star shaped paper roll, leizhan company can help you solve this.

The paper roll appears trumpet-shaped or star-shaped form. This phenomenon is that one end of the rotary paper roll on the coiler recesses gradually, while the other end protrudes into a bow-shaped phenomenon. In normal rolls, when paper is found to move, it can be wrapped around the loose end of the roll. The star shape is due to the loose inside and tight outside of the roll, and the paper wrapped inside is pulled out. Star-shaped paper will appear transverse wrinkles in the roll. This phenomenon is not only due to the poor control of roll strength, but also due to the change of sheet thickness. When adjusting the tightness, making the paper from thin to thick, just like on the edge of the paper, it is easy to appear star-shaped form. When the operator finds the sign of star-shaped paper, he can reduce the tension of the front sheet of the reel machine to control the development of star-shaped form.

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