Coating Paper Machine is mainly used for surface coating process of thin film, paper, etc. This machine is to coat the rolled substrate with a special function of glue, paint or ink, etc., and then roll up after drying. There will be some problems in the operation of the coating machine, such as wear and tear of the transmission parts, so how can we get rid of them?

Abrasion of transmission part of Coating Paper Machine: Abrasion of transmission part often occurs during the operation of coating machine, such as abrasion of dryer head of coating machine, abrasion of bearing chamber of roll, etc. Traditional repairing methods include surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc., but there are some disadvantages: surfacing can make the surface of parts reach a high temperature, cause deformation or cracks, and even lead to shaft fracture when it is serious; electroplating coating can not be too thick, and the pollution is serious, and its application is also limited.
Damage to concrete foundation of Coating Paper Machine: Due to corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, coating machine will also cause damage to concrete base and other parts, leading to loosening of bolts of fastening equipment, seriously affecting production.

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