With the deepening of the policy of eliminating backward production capacity and taking the low-carbon economic road of energy saving and consumption reduction in the paper industry, the traditional toilet paper machine with a speed of about 200 m/min has gradually been replaced by the High speed Toilet Paper Machine with a speed of more than 800m/min.
Traditionally, single cylinder, open air hood and old paper machine with speed less than 200 m/min are being gradually eliminated by the market mercilessly because of its low productivity, high energy consumption and low profit margin. Under the requirements of eliminating backward production capacity, energy-saving and low-carbon economy, and developing green industry, domestic domestic paper manufacturers have gradually eliminated low-speed toilet paper machines with high energy consumption and high pollution, replaced by medium and high-speed toilet paper machines.Nowadays, medium and high speed domestic paper machines with a width of 2,500 mm~4,500 mm and a speed of 800 m/min~1,800 m/min have been widely used with diameters not less than 3,600 mm.

High Speed Toilet Paper Machine has took place of traditional low speed paper machine, leizhan can help you change new high speed paper machine and install it. If you need, free to cinsult us for more details.
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