The existing vertical and horizontal hydraulic Pulpers in the paper industry are mainly composed of grooves, pulping cutters, circular sieve boards and transmission mechanisms. This kind of equipment only has the function of preliminary pulping and removal of coarse impurities. The pulping and screening efficiency is low and energy consumption is high. The pulp produced by the pulping process needs further coarse screening and beating. In order to meet the technical requirements of subsequent processes, such as fine screening, concentration and so on, waste paper pulping process is more complex, large investment, large occupation area, high power consumption and high production cost.

Leizhan company can supply a kind of Hydraupulper to improve the screening and pulping efficiency and save energy, as well as a Hydraulic Pulper with energy saving, high efficiency and high efficiency screening, in order to overcome the shortcomings of existing hydraulic Pulper such as low pulping and screening efficiency and high energy consumption.

Leizhan company has many years of experience in producing high-quality Hydaraupulper. Welcome to contact us for more details and quotation.

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