high density cleaner

High density cleaner adopts specially designed long cone with small taper angle and fine cleaning efficiency, it’s an ideal equipment for remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp. It uses the different proportion between fibers and impurities to separate the heavy impurities from the pulp, which achieve the purpose of purifying pulp.

The high density cleaner produced by our company adopts wear-resistant ceramic cone tube, which has a service life of 3-5 years or even longer. This allows the user to no longer replace the cone tube often, which reducing the maintenance burden. High density cleaner has a wide use range. It’s the ideal equipment for the coarse screen of high density pulp and it’s the best selection of purifying low density pulp.

Technical Features:

Sediment tank is made of stainless steel. Long service life, low maintenance cost.

Wear resistant ceramics cone. Low damage to the inner cavity.

Equipped with advanced PLC control system. It can be offline modification (the equipment in stop model or in manual model), it also can be modified online (the equipment in normal production ).

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