high density cleaner

Peculiarity of High Density Cleaner

●Special Purpose. High density cleaner is usually used after the hydarpulper or before the coarse screen system. This position is very important. As the pulp has not been preliminarily screened, so the slurry from the pulper contains lots of impurities. The high density cleaner reduce the burden of the equipment in the next process by initially screening the slurry.

●Wear resistant ceramics cone. Since the slurry has large particle impurities, the use of other materials will accelerate the damage to the inner cavity. So, the inner part of high density cleaner adopt wear-resistant ceramic cone. It will prolong the service life of high density cleaner.

●Stainless steel sediment tank. As the slurry is corrosive, if iron is used to make the slag tank, the impurities gathered together will corrode the sediment tank body. So, the sediment tank is made of stainless steel.

●PLC Control Cabinet. High density cleaner is equipped with advanced PLC control system. This system is designed with the process time relay and the modified method is more flexible and convenient. It can be offline modification (the equipment in stop model or in manual model), it also can be modified online (the equipment in normal production).

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