high density cleaner

ZSC Series High Density Cleaner is a slag removal equipment of paper pulp. It is used to improve product’s quality ,grade, and purify.It is the ideal choice of the pulp, especially has better effect to purify waste pulp, waste paper recycling is indispensable key equipment, its use of fiber and the proportion of the impurities, and make the heavy impurities separated from the pulp, achieve the purpose of purifying pulp.

The Advantages of SC Series High Density Cleaner

This equipment cover an small area, large production capacity, easy to operate, not jam the slag discharge, high purification efficiency, paste only once by slag machine, without tail pulp processing equipment, fiber loss is almost zero, the cone wearable pressure, long service life. Tank is stainless steel or ceramic, the equipment can be divided into manual discharge and self-discharging two kinds.

This kind of high density cleaner don’t need the Special maintenance, just need to ensure that each valve rotate flexibly, without water leaking, all pressure is stable and normal.

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