High Consistency Pulp Pump is generally used to transport pulp with 8-12% concentration. It is a new type of pulp pump produced by modern pulp and paper industry using new technologies such as high consistency bleaching and high consistency refining.

Advantages of High Consistency Pulp Pump

1) On the premise of the same output and quality, equipment investment can be greatly reduced (including dehydration equipment, slurry tower and slurry pool volume, etc.).
2) Significantly improve the technical and economic indicators, such as reducing the consumption quotas of various chemicals and water, electricity and steam.
3) High concentration process will inevitably reduce water consumption, thus reducing the discharge of wastewater.
4) Disc Refiner and high consistency refining are the main measures to produce high yield semi-chemical propeller and wood chips refining pulp. High consistency refining can increase the friction, rubbing and extrusion between fibers, strengthen the broom and hydration of fibers, and improve the physical properties of pulp significantly.

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