High Consistency Bleaching Tower is a bleaching reaction device for high consistency pulp, which is mainly used for high consistency hydrogen peroxide bleaching. Pulp enters the floating tower from the top of the tower, stays in the tower for a certain time, and discharges spirally from the bottom of the tower. Compared with medium concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching, high concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching can improve pulp brightness more effectively, save hydrogen peroxide consumption and reduce bleaching cost.

The High Consistency Bleaching Tower is mainly composed of tower body, tail bucket, discharge screw and transmission device.
1. The pylon body adopts conical structure to reduce the possibility of slurry bridging. The tower body is welded by panel and frame, and the panel contacted with slurry is treated with anticorrosion. The peripheral frame is welded by column, channel steel and angle steel ring, all of which are common carbon steel.
2. The discharging spiral is used for discharging the bleaching tower. It is installed at the bottom of the tower body and consists of two or four parallel spirals. The spiral rotates at the same speed and pushes the slurry out of the tower body.
3. The transmission device consists of an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, a triangular belt, a reducer and a coupling. The transmission device first drives a discharging screw to rotate, and then drives the other discharging screw to rotate through the equal diameter gear.

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