Headbox is a key part of modern paper machines. Headbox’s structure and properties are decisive for the formation of the paper and the quality of the paper. It can effectively increase the strength of the paper.

Main Purpose and Feature of Headbox for Paper Making

1. It can effectively disperse fibers. The high turbulence headbox produces high-intensity micro-motion, which effectively disperses the fibers, prevents fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, and increases the strength of the sheet.
2. It distributes the paper stock evenly along the paper machine. (Determining the horizontal quantitative distribution of the paper web)
3.The spray is stable, ensuring that the pulp speed is coordinated with the speed of the wire. (Determining the longitudinal quantitative distribution of the paper web)

Main Specification of Headbox for Paper Making

1. Operating speed: 10-300m/min
2. Quantitative finished paper: 14-1500g/㎡
3. Trimmed Width: 1092-5500mm

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