flotation deinking machine

The deinking process of waste paper pulp mainly includes two processes of ink falling off the fiber and the separation between ink particle and fiber. The former is carried out in hydraulic pulper, the latter can be achieved by the way of flotation, washing, screening and centrifugal purification.

Flotation deinking machine is a kind of interfacial separation equipment designed according to the surface activity of various substances in the slurry.The gas-liquid interface originally had no surfactant, and its surface could be activated by adding surfactant.

There Deinking Steps of Flotation Deinking Machine:

  1. Ink particles and air bubbles approach and collide with each other.
  2. Ink particles adhere to the surface of the bubble.
  3. Ink particles are detached from the surface of the bubble.

The practice proved that the larger the particle size of ink, the greater the desorption probability of flotation deinking machine. Therefore, high gravity, large particles and high turbulence intensity can easily cause ink particles to fall off the bubble.

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