Fiber Grading Screen is a new type of screening equipment for pulp fiber grading, which is developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining domestic production practice. It is mainly used to separate the long and short fibers of the pulp in the pulping process, so that the long and short fibers of the pulp can be treated separately in the production process. The advantages in the application of waste paper pulping are particularly remarkable.

The advantage of Fiber Grading Screen

The longer fibers are obtained from pulp. It can make better use of low-cost waste paper and pulp to separate the long and short fibers. It can save equipment investment and energy if the short fibers are no longer heat dispersed and disc polished. After fiber classification, different pulps can be used to improve the quality of paper for multi-layer forming papermaking technology. Cleaner short fiber pulp can be obtained by grading and sieving of fibers. It simplifies the waste paper treatment process, reduces the amount of treatment and avoids the cut-off of long fibers.

Fiber Grading Screen is more and more widely used in waste paper recycling, and its function and effect have been fully affirmed. Paper mills should pay attention to the location and concentration when applying in this way. Fiber Grading Screen is usually set after the coarse sieve, so that the short fibers do not need to be fine sifted. When choosing the size of the sieve slot, the proportion of the final length of the fibers should be determined.
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