Paper Felt play an important role in the process of paper making. Whether we choose and design paper Felt or use and maintain paper Felt, we must fully grasp the performance of paper Felt, the problems easily occurring in the use of paper Felt and the corresponding countermeasures to solve the problems in order to ensure the quality of paper Felt. Only by giving full play to the normal efficiency of papermaking machine can the demand of papermaking machine for high quality paper be satisfied. There is a lot of air in the voids of the new Felt, and the new Felt can not meet the needs of normal production because of the initial surface irregularity, excessive air permeability, inadequate vacuum, large water content of the Felt and other factors. It is easy to cause air bubbles between the paper sheet and the Felt at the entrance of the pressing zone. Local dirt in mesh and Felt result in poor local dehydration and poor permeability. Local plug of water-absorbing scraper of volt roll, uneven water-retaining cloth or holes, the pressed water will return to wetness, etc.

leizhan, with more than thirty years, produce pulp and paper machine, and we also supply spare parts in papermaking process. If you need Felt, free to consult us for more details.

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