As the intermediate link between the Wire Section and the Drying Section, the Press Section plays the role of further removing the free water inside the paper, finishing the paper surface and providing enough wet sheet strength. In addition to the mechanical part in the whole process, as a direct contact with the sheet of paper, the Press Felt plays an important role.
The diameter of flocking fiber directly affects the permeability, surface smoothness, pressure and dehydration transmission path of the Felt, and has a great influence on the performance of the Felt. In addition, flocking also affects the fiber density and internal space stability of the blanket. When the density of flocking is too low, it is difficult for the Felt to be quickly filled with water and saturated. The Felt has a long adaptability period, and the paper locomotive can not start at a high speed. Regular testing of the permeability of the Felt can understand the compaction and closure of the Felt, and help technicians determine the performance changes of the Felt before and after cleaning. The moisture content of the Felt is to detect the wool on-wire. A method of changing the moisture gradient of cloth’s banner is usually based on a professional Felt moisture tester. The principle of the tester is microwave moisture testing method, which can monitor the total moisture content of each point of the banner. It can be used to guide the water-bearing dehydration ability of the same Felt in different time periods, and also help to analyze the dehydration efficiency of different Felt.

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