reject separator

High Current

1.Excessive pulp amount.
2.High slurry concentration.
3.Bearing wear or heavy bearing damage.
4.Vibration caused by serious imbalance of the rotor.
▪Reduce the pulp amount.
▪Reduce the slurry concentration.
▪Change the bearing.
▪Adjust rotor balance.

Excessive Bearing Temperature Rise

1.Insufficient or excessive bearing lubrication.
2.Foreign matters in the bearing or bearing wear.
3.Bearing is too tight or loose with the shaft or bearing seat.
4.Rotor bending.
▪Add or reduce lubricant.
▪Clean or replace the bearing.
▪Adjust the fit of bearing between shaft and bearing seat.
▪Adjust rotor balance or change rotor.

Excessive Fiber Loss

1.Excessive pulp amount and high slurry concentration.
2.Screen slot is too big.
3.Insufficient water spraying, low pressure or nozzle clogging.
4.The gap between cleaning plate and screen plate is too large.
▪Reduce the pulp amount and the slurry concentration.
▪Enlarge the screen hole diameter.
▪Raise water pressure or clean the clogged nozzle.
▪Adjust the gap and replace the worn screen plate or cleaning plate.

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