Under the centrifugal force, the heavy impurities are directly discharged into the slag tank along the inner part of the fractionator. With the influence of the rotor, the short fibers are discharged from the short fiber discharge pipe through the slot of screen basket, and the long fibers are discharged from the long fiber discharge pipe at the top of the screen body.

Stock are divided into three parts after treated by fractionator:

  1. Heavy impurities deposited in the bottom sediment tank;
  2. Short fibers that through the tiny slot of the screen basket;
  3. Long fibers and light impurities that do not pass through the screen basket.

Equipment Benefits:

● Superior long fibers can be obtained from pulp;

● Short fibers do not require heat dispersion and beating by disc refiner, saving equipment investment and energy consumption;

● It is beneficial to make multilayer paper and improve paper quality;

● To avoid cutting off long fiber, get the cleaner short fiber pulp.

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