high consistency hydrapulper

The ZDSG Series High Consistency Hydrapulper has a strong disintegration ability, and its rotor is a spiral drill-shaped impeller. When the spiral impeller rotates, the high-concentration slurry flows from top to bottom and from the outside to the inside under the action of the spiral, and finally pulp flows back from the center.

The High Consistency Hydrapulper is equipped with a large cone rotor to enhance the disintegration and friction between the fibers. Waste paper pulp are dissociated in motion by means of strong friction and rubbing between fibers and friction with toothed spiral wings.

Equipment Benefits:

◉ Rotor has a large contact area with the slurry under a high concentration of 12% to 18%. Compared with the low consistency pulper, it can save 60% heating steam in the deinking process;

◉ Gently pulping. Avoid impurities in the waste paper to be smashed for subsequent purification;

◉ Reduces pulping time, chemicals and power consumption can be saved;

◉ Compared with the traditional Hydrapulper with the same condition, the footprint is small;

◉ The shear action between the fibers makes the ink easier to separate from the fibers. The removal of hot melt is also superior to conventional low consistency pulpers.

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