Drun Pulper, mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency. Drum Pulper supplied by leizhan has many advantages.

There is no strong cut-off effect in the process of fibre decomposition, so it can better retain the original quality of waste paper fibers. Impurities in raw materials such as tape, plastics, hot melt glue, rope and so on are removed without being broken down. The slag discharge is fast, which can greatly reduce the load of follow-up equipment and is suitable for the treatment of under-selected waste paper.

Main Parameters of Drum Pulper

Production Capacity: 70-1400t/d
Working Consistency: 14-18%
Motor Power: 132-1400kw

leizhan, with more than thirty years experience, make Drum Pulper with high quality and adavanced technology, If you need this machine, feel free to contact us for more benefits and quotation.
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