Drum Pulper, mainly used for continuous pulping system and preliminary coarse screen. Drum Pulper supplied by Leizhan has many advantages.

Perfect Fiber Removal

Under the condition of high consistency, the waste paper produces gentle rubbing and friction movement. The strength and length of waste paper fibers are fully retained and the pulp yield is greatly improved.

Excellent Pulping Quality

It can remove the light and heavy impurities such as plastics, foil and hot melt adhesives in the pulp. It can make these impurities completely removed without being sheared and broken. At the same time, it can be classified and recycled to reduce the pressure of environmental protection.

Significant Energy Saving Effect

Rotor structure without strong motion does not need to consume energy in unnecessary stirring and shearing motion. Energy is only consumed in the rotation of the drum, which saves about 50% energy.

Good Deinking Machine

Due to the operation under high concentration conditions, the role of chemicals is strong, and the steam is fully utilized, so that ink particles can be effectively separated from the surface of the fiber, thus achieving effective deinking.

Minimum Maintenance Cost

The structure of the machine is simple, stable, with only a small number of vulnerable parts, which ensures the most economical spare parts demand and low maintenance costs.

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