Drum pulper is designed according to the improvement of similar foreign products. It is divided into three areas: feeding, pulping and screening and integrates pulping and coarse screening. Drum pulper realize continuous pulping in high concentration state, and at the same time screen out large impurities, and the treatment concentration is 15-18%. It has low energy consumption, minimal fiber damage, low damage to debris, and can completely remove plastic, fabric, adhesive tape, wet strength and other impurities without fiber loss.

Equipment Benefits:

● Energy conservation.
Waste paper is broken under the condition of 15-20% high consistency, reduce a lot water for breaking, reduce energy consumption for breaking, continuous breaking and slag discharge reduces the energy consumption of the auxiliary and subsequent equipment.

● Improve the quality of the accepts.
Drum pulper gently pulping without destroying the fiber strength and length, it can maximum limited guarantee the light impurities and parts of heavy impurities not broken, so drum pulper ensure the cleanliness and quality of the accepts.

● Low equipment maintenance cost, labor-saving.
Drum pulper integrates the function of high consistency breaking and coarse screening, the simple structure is sturdy and durable, the maintenance cost is extremely low, and labour can be reduced for the waste paper selecting , so it can save the expenses for your factory.

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