For some special types of paper, pulp fiber length, permeability, transparency and other indicators have a great impact on the quality of the paper produced. In order to improve these indicators and the quality of paper, it is necessary to use the Double Disc Refiner to treat the pulp specially in the process of beating.

1. Advantages of DD Refiner
The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, less land occupation, high efficiency, power saving, low noise, strong adaptability, smart operation and convenient maintenance.
2. Main uses and scope of application
This machine can be applied to the needs of beating process in various papermaking equipment factories. It can be used for the treatment of various pulps, especially for the treatment of long fibre wood pulp. It is equipped with a sparse stator. Compared with the existing refining equipment in China, the machine has the advantages of high refining efficiency and good pulping quality. It is the ideal equipment for refining long fibre wood pulp at present. It can be used alone or in series or parallel.
3. Use of environmental conditions
The machine needs to be placed in a better ventilated and lighting environment, especially the ground surface to keep clean, and the surrounding equipment needs to do a good job of sewer groove, so that the water from the water seal can be discharged smoothly.

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