Double Disc Refiner is an ideal continuous low consistency beating equipment. At present, with the rapid improvement of domestic pulping capacity, the application of Double Disc Refiner is more and more extensive. Including base, body, main motor, coupling, spindle, external grinding area composed of external and static grinding discs, internal grinding area composed of internal and internal grinding discs, the external grinding area and internal grinding area are connected with the slurry inlet and outlet respectively, the spindle is installed on the bearing seat, the bearing seat is fixed on the body, and the turntable is fixed on the body. On the spindle, the external and internal grinding discs are fixed on the turntable by bolts, and the internal and static grinding discs are fixed on the body.

Main Parameters of Double Disc

Type: DD
Diameter of Plate: φ550
Product Capacity:10-200 t/d
Concentration: 3-5%
Motor Power: 160-500 kw

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