double disc refiner

ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner is a special pulp refining machine for beating the pulp. It satisfy the huge paper making demand by improving the beating degree of pulp. This machine is a horizontal double disc refiner which is fed on both sides of the double refining zone and the pulp is sprayed radially above.

Equipment Benefits:

● Stable beating effect, improve the beating degree.

● ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner is the continuous pulping equipment of coarse and fine refining for pulping system in paper industry. It can also be used as an efficient refining equipment for rerefining pulp slags and repulping waste paper. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and low power consumption.

● The packing seal method and mechanical seal method are adopted, the seal ability is reliable, and the leakage phenomenon can be directly observed.

● Compared with similar refining machine, ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner has improved bearing supporting structure. It running smoothly with high efficiency and compact structure. And it is convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance.

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