Doctors,as an important spare parts for paper machine, deserves to understanding how to install it. Leizhan, with its thirty years experience in making paper machine, shares Doctor installation methods.

Most operating problems are related to Doctors installation errors or incompleteness. Doctors is a precise mechanical equipment, which requires great attention to installation and state adjustment.
1) When operating the Doctor, you must follow the instructions of the doctor.
2) Doctor bracket positioning must strictly follow the manufacturer’s drawings, before positioning the bracket, it must be measured in detail and accurately to ensure that when the bracket is installed, there is no place to interfere with or hinder the operation and adjustment of the Doctor.
3) After the bracket is installed, the bearing is installed and the bearing and Doctor are dropped on the bracket. Do not tighten the screw at this time, only tighten them slightly so that the Doctor can move during adjustment.
4) The Doctor must be installed in a place convenient for operation (lifting or replacing blades)

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