screen basket

Two Advanced Screen Basket

1. Plate-type Wave Shaped Screen Basket. The screen board of strip wave shape screen basket is made of stainless steel. It is divided into two types: hole pattern and seam pattern. The surface of the screen plate in contact with the slurry has corrugated groove. Its function is to enable the fiber to pass easily through the screen hole, effectively separate qualified fiber from impurities and fiber groups, thus improving the screening efficiency and obtaining high-quality pulp. The screen plates are drilled or milled and its surface are polished. The surface of the screen basket has a high surface finish, and a reinforcing ring is welded on the outside of the screen basket so that the screen basket has sufficient strength and rigidity. The upper end surface has a flange bolted to the cylinder body, and the lower end is located in the cylinder body, and the joint is firm and stable.

2. Strip Wave Shaped Screen Basket. The structure of the strip wave shaped screen basket is composed of hundreds of specially designed wedge rods uniformly circumferentially embedded in the grooves around the plurality of annular plates. The upper end is the flange face, connected with the cylinder body, the lower end is the cone, the screen basket surface shows the waveform. The screen joint can be more refined than the plate mill joint structure, the precision is higher, and the opening ratio is obviously increased. The strength of the bar is much higher than that of the milled sieve plate. Especially after the surface is hardened, the life of the screen basket is longer, which is an advanced structure in the world today.

In conclusion, a good screen basket can make a large profit with a small investment and it can effectively protect the following equipment while obtaining high quality pulp. Welcome to contact us by email if you have interest in our products:

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