d type hydrapulper

The new type energy-saving D type hydrapulper rotor is developed by Leizhan company to absorb foreign advanced technology. The unique design of the D type hydrapulper rotor blade not only allows relatively high concentration pulp to pass through the screen plate, but also avoids the blockage of the screen plate.

When the D type hydrapulper is working, the motor drives the pulper rotor to rotate. At the leading edge of the rotor blade, the pulp is subjected to pressure pointing to the screen plate, and the disintergated pulp passes through the screen plate. At the trailing edge of the rotor blade, a vacuum suction action is generated to clean the screen plate.

D Type Hydrapulper Rotor Benefits:

● It can produce a strong backflow to disintergate the waste paper;

● VOKES Rotor can save 20%-30% energy consumption under the same production capacity;

● Pruduction capacity can be increased by 20%-30% under the similiar hydrapulper with the same energy consumption.

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