D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used to crush various pulp boards, paper loss and waste paper. As an important pulp machine in paper making production line, D Type Hydrapulper deserves to introduce.

The Brief Introduction Of D-type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is designed on the basis of existing traditional Pulper and referring to foreign advanced technology. Its main characteristics are: the VOKES rotor deviates from the central position, making the contact between paper and the rotor faster and higher frequency. The traditional Hydrapulper produces an unhindered swirl, in which the paper moves from the entry point to the central rotor according to the spiral trajectory. The D Type Hydrapulper changes the flow mode, making the paper history contact with the rotor quickly, which can shorten the time from paper to crushing treatment, and improve the production capacity without increasing power and volume. D Type Hydrapulper is usually equipped with Cutter and sediment well. The Cutter can remove long winding impurities, such as plastic packaging bags, rope head, iron wire, etc.

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