d type hydrapulper

The features of D Type Hydrapulper are: VOKES rotor deviates from the center and makes the paper stock and rotor connect more rapidly and a high frequency.

The traditional hydrapulper generates a expedite rotational flow, and the paper stock is running to the central rotor according to a spiral line from the adding opening. D Type Hydrapulper changes the way of flowing and makes stock paper connect with rotor more fast,thus it can shorten the time from adding the stock paper to deslagging, and can improve the product capacity without adding power and volume.

  • D type hydrapulper Equipped with cleaning function, easy to start the equipment.
  • D type hydrapulper with a volume more than 25m³ is equipped with a transmission support.
  • D type hydrapulper adopts VOKES rotor, which has low power consumption and high fragmentation efficiency.
  • Three sets of bearings are designed to enhance the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  • D type hydrapulper Equipped with the European standard pulley to reduce maintenance time, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • The blade is designed in the middle between the cutter plate and the screen plate to prevent the winding of waste materials such as wire and braid and it can reduce the running current.
  • The rotor and the slurry tray are higher than the bottom of the groove. A low pressure area is formed around the slurry tray, which reduce the contact between impurities and the cutter plate and screen plate, and prolong the service life of the cutter plate and screen plate.

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