d type hydrapulper

Feature of D Type Hydrapulper

The Vokes Rotor of D Type Hydrapulper deviates from the center, thus pulp stock has a more rapid and frequent contact with the rotor. A unhindered rotational flow can be produced and the paper stock move towards the central rotor in a spiral line from the fed site when using the traditional Hydrapulper, while D-type hydrapulper changes this flow pattern so that the paper stock can be contracted with the rotor more rapidly, thus shortening the time from the addition of paper stock to the degradation and improving the production capacity without increasing the power and volume.

D-hydrapulper is provided with wire stranding machine and sediment trap, and the wire stranding machine can remove the twining impurities, such as plastic bags, rope heads, iron wires, etc. It is recommended that the type of wire stranding machine is ZTS1, there is a rectangular interface on its tank bottom, the sediment trap is connected by this interface, and the plastic foam and other light impurities are removed by impurity separator to achieve the continuous production, while the heavy impurities are sedimented on the bottom of sediment trap and then are discharged regularly. This interface can also be provided only with the heavy residue collecting tank to achieve the batch production.

Advantages of D Type Hydrapulper

  1. Reduce the following equipment burden.
  2. Long service life of rotor and sieve plate.
  3. Adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate ensures the pulping effect.
  4. Short pulping time by quick and frequent contact between pulp and rotor.
  5. Take less time to stop and clean, improve the whole system dealing capacity.
  6. New type energy-saving VOKES rotor strengthens hydraulic circulation and fiber relief.

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