coarse screen system

Coarse screen system is an important process in waste paper pulping. The waste paper pulp treated by high density cleaner contains lots of impurities. If not removed in time, it will increase the burden of following equipment and the quality of finished paper will be affected. So, Leizhan company provide your efficient paper production with there machines for removing impurities. They are middle consistency pressure screen, light impurity separator and reject separator.

The slurry flows from the middle consistency pressure screen to the light impurity separator before entering the reject separator and then back into the middle consistency pressure screen for recycling. The coarse screen system has following features:

1. High Efficiency. These three machines all has special impurity discharging device, the pulp and impurities can be separated effectively.

2. Energy Saving. Energy-saving rotor are adopted on these equipment, which can reduce the amount of water usage and energy consumption in production process.

3. Low Fiber Loss. This system has a extremely low fiber loss rate, the impurities that discharged from reject separator does not contain any fiber.

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