ceramics cone

Ceramics Cone

The frame of high density cleaner is vertically equipped with a cylindrical shell. The lower end of the inlet pipe is connected to the ceramics cone core. Cone inner core is composed of coaxial upper cone and coaxial lower cone. The wall thickness of upper cone and lower cone is 20-40mm, preferably 30mm.

The inner core of ceramics cone has big top and small bottom taper and a longer axial length. The rotation radius of the slurry in the inner core of ceramics cone decreases gradually. In this way, it can avoid the reduction of slurry flow rate in the process of rotation, and the centrifugal force can be strengthened, so as to improve the efficiency of slurry purification. Inner core of ceramics cone is made of ceramic material with good abrasion resistance, long service life, light weight and low cost. In addition, the surface of ceramic material is smooth, which can reduce friction resistance power consumption and maintenance cost, so it can fully extend service life.

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