Calender is not as simple as it is usually thought. It has an effect on many properties of paper.

Effect on Thickness And Permeability

After calendering, the tightness of the paper increases, the thickness decreases and tends to be uniform, so the printability improves, and the air permeability of the paper decreases. The thickness of paper decreases more with the increase of line pressure than with the increase of press area.

Effect On Smoothness

The more the number of pressing zones, the higher the line pressure and the higher the temperature of the roller, the higher the smoothness of the paper and the lower the difference between the two sides.

The Influence On Glossiness

Increasing liner pressure, filler content, Calender moisture and Calender roll surface temperature are helpful to improve glossiness. However, the whiteness of the reflectometric method is reduced because of the increase of transparency.

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