auxiliary equipment of d type hydrapulper

The D Type Hydrapulper is designed to achieve optimum immersion by changing the center position of the swirl, resulting in faster and more contact between the rotor and the slurry. Therefore, with the same power consumption and space, the D Type Hydrapulper can reduce pulping time and increase production.


Ragger is installed at the edge of the tank of D Type Hydrapulper. When the D-type pulper is used to process mixed waste paper, the Ragger is used to remove the packing line, the plastic sheet, the wet strength, the floating debris, and other debris that is wound in the rope due to the action of the pulper.

Rope Cutter

Equipped with hydraulic cutter. Hydraulic cutter is used to cut the rope into small pieces for easy handling. The speed and direction of the rope can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

Sediment Well and Grapple

The sediment well is installed on the side of the D Type Hydrapulper and connected to the tapping at the bottom of the pulper through a chute. Heavy and light impurities are removed from the pulper by the rotor and deposited in the sediment well. Grapple and elevator remove impurities from the sediment well. The sediment well is equipped with an overflow feed box.

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