Before making paper, Waste Paper needs to be stirred into pulp. The stirring process of waste paper is the key step of paper-making process. The traditional Pulp Agitator is used to stir waste paper. The propeller on the rotating shaft is driven by the motor. This structure can not cut the pulp sufficiently, the stirring efficiency is low, and the dead corner of the bottom of the barrel is easy to slag and deposit. leizhan can supply a kinds of Pulp Agitator. when the blade knife and impeller are assembled on both sides of the mixing tray and the motor drives the rotating shaft to drive the mixing tray to rotate, on the one hand, the blade knife can cut pulp through the blade knife, which can improve the beating efficiency of waste paper. On the other hand, the pulp at the bottom of the mixing barrel can be rotated by the impeller to prevent the bottom of the mixing barrel from sticking, improve the fluidity and High volume.

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