20tpd High Speed Tissue Paper Machine, provided by Leizhan Company, with its high-quality, competitive price,beautiful appearance, enjoys a good sales volume home and abroad. It can be used to press, fold, count and cut the tray paper into napkins. Here are the main parameters of 20tpd High Speed Tissue Paper Machine.

Raw material:Reed pulp, Wheat Straw pulp, Wood pulp and Waste Paper Pulp.
Main Product:Tissue Paper,Living Paper
Base Width:14 ~ 28g/㎡
Design Speed:2200m/min
Maximum Speed:2000m/min
Working Speed:1600m/min

Advantage of 20tpd High Tissue Paper Machine

Accurate Counting.
Accurate Cutting.
Environmental Protection
Energy Saving.
Embossing can produce various clear and beautiful patterns according to the needs of users.

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