When the rotary disc of the double disc refiner and the groove pattern of the fixed disc are parallel to each other, It can cut and shear the pulp fiber quickly. The pulp enters from both sides of the refining zone and discharged from the top. The pulp enters into the center of the refining area by two pulp feeding pipes. Under the centrifugal force and pulp pressure, the pulp passes through the refining area and is kneaded and extruded by the tooth plates to complete the paper pulp beating process.

Equipment Benefits:

● Φ450 double disc refiner is a coarse and fine refining continuous beating equipment for the pulping system of the paper industry. It can also be used as a high-efficiency disintegration equipment for pulp re-grinding and waste paper re-pulping. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and low power consumption;

● Adopt packing seal and mechanical seal, reliable seal, it can directly check the leakage phenomenon;

● Compared with similar refiners, Φ450 double disc refiner has improved bearing supporting structure, balanced operation, high efficiency, more compact structure, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

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