inflow pressure screen

Production Features of Up-flow Pressure Screen

  • Various forms of rotors can be used depending on the slurry property.
  • Various types of screen drums can be used, such as plain screen drum and corrugated screen drum.
  • The cleaning, adjustment, inspection and disassembly of the sieve drum and rotary drum are convenient.
  • Pulp inflow from bottom while light impurities discharged from top, which avoid crossing.
  • Stable base open design for easy maintenance and replacement of belts, belt wheels and positioning bolts.

Advantages of Up-flow Pressure Screen

  1. Low inflow pulp pressure.
  2. Light impurities and air are discharged rapidly from the top of the tailings outlet.
  3. Heavy impurities are discharged into the heavy slag tank at the bottom of the sieve to prevent wear and damage of the rotor and the screen drum, which reducing the downtime.
  4. The screening efficiency is high, and the residence time of impurities in the screening area is short, which significantly reduces the possibility of impurity circulation.

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