immersion surface sizing machine

Surface sizing not only gives paper and paperboard good resistance to fluid and printability, but also improves the physical strength and reduces the two sideness and deformation, thereby the paper machine’s running performance an be enhanced. The chemicals in white water can be reduced to improve the wet deposition so as to extend the life of the press felts.

Main Technical Data:

Paper Type: Kraft Paper

Pulp Type: 100% Waste Paper Pulp

Quantitative Range: 95-200g/㎡

General Quantification: 126g/㎡

Sizing Quantity: 4g/㎡(Double Sided)

Sizing Consistency: 8%

Trimmed Width: 5520mm

Design Speed: 800m/min

The Highest Working Speed: 650m/min

Production Capacity: 600t/d

Transimission Way: AC Frequency Fractional Driving

Input Dryness: 88%-92%

Output Dryness: 65%-67%

The 5580/800 Immersion Surface Sizing Machine has strong representation in the same industry products as it’s large width and high speed. It not only meets the customer’s performance requirements, but also reduces the procurement cost of the equipment.

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